Dior branding its flagships with a Signature Scent

4 noviembre 2017 Scenting Retail
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Ambient scenting is an ancient art that promotes conviviality, revitalizes, enhances, and affects our mood. A true mood enhancer, which also improves brain activity. The new model is a sensitive home,   store,  hotel,   SPA. Sensitive, intelligent, emotional. The ability of…

Building your strong self with the Olfactory Branding

25 octubre 2017 Olfactory Branding
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The Luxury Branding has gone beyond with the Olfactory Branding, through which a tailored and targeted signature scent is diffused and placed harmoniously in a branded context of interior design, just like a piece of art. Poets and writers throughout…

Immerse yourself in Grand Hotel Tremezzo Fragrance

4 octubre 2017 Scenting Hotels
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  This is our invitation to delve into the world of the new ambient fragrance designed exclusively for Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lago di Como. The Luxury Hotel, built in 1910, is one of the few with Lake Como's Billionaire-View…