If you had to describe Japan with a smell, what would it be? both “ No odor” and “ Incense”

18 February 2019 Our Partners Worldwide
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Today we want to present our branch in Japan - Scent Company Japan managed by Ms. Miwa Yamakawa in Tokyo. Ms. Miwa contacted us two years ago, intrigued by our reality and our projects and with the right passion necessary to venture into the sector of…

If you had to describe Sweden with a Scent, what would it be? Fresh Air

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Today we want to present an important partnership that has given us a lot of satisfaction. It is the collaboration with Robert Bromér, owner of the Swedish company Doft I Sverige AB, exclusive distributor of Scent Company for the Swedish…

Niido Nashville luxury Residential Building, powered by Airbnb, is now scented with its own Signature Scent

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A Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness of people and reach them in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination. The language of smells acts on a less frequented channel - the emotional one…

Are you looking for an extraordinary event? Do you know what the sensory dinners are?

30 January 2019 Sileno Cheloni
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ARTISTIC PERFUMERY. WHY SENSORY DINNERS? The perfumery that is called artistic or niche is the one that comes out of the commercial schemes to offer exclusive creations as emotions enclosed in a jus made like tailored suits. The perfumery of author in Italy has assumed an increasingly relevant dimension…

Why to Brand yourself with a SCENT?

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The use of perfum takes us back in time and it has always been used differently and for different purposes throughout the centuries. For example, the perfume for the Egyptians, was as impalpable as the spirit and was consumed especially…

What does make APROPOS The Concept Store Germany – Scented Candle unique and a work of art?

23 January 2019 Luxury Retail, Scented Customers
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A perfume is not simply an olfactory substance. It is a form of art that does not focus only on smell but also on aestetics, visual, experience and in the inner journey that it conveys. What does make a fragrance…

LOVABLE SCENT IDENTITY: the olfactory expression of UNIQUENESS

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Hanes Italy, owner of the Lovable brand, is part of the Group HanesBrands Inc., the first world's player working in the basic apparel sector listed on the NYSE. HanesBrands boasts leading brands in the innerwear categories (underwear and home wear)…