Scent Company and Migone 1866

9 agosto 2016 Scented Customers
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Scent Company is the official sponsor of the event of Migone 1866, organized in Florence to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the long-standing Florentine company. Scent Company is honored to scent some rooms dedicated to the event through the Enjoy…

A distinctive scent for Aleph Hotel

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The creation of a distinctive scent for the Luxury Suites & 5-Star Aleph Hotel Rome Designing hotel brand fragrances is a very big creative business. The first thing to do with customer is to start a real branding process. We have…

Scent Marketing Systems

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Scent Marketing Systems: something special is in the Air   After an olfactory logo is designed by Scent Company, it is important to catch the right delivery method to diffuse it, in order to appreciate the depth of a custom…

CastaDiva Resort & SPA Scented Décor

Presentation of the NEW CastaDiva Resort & SPA Scented Décor and Eau de Parfum, by Scent Company   The scent we have designed to measure for CastaDiva Resort & SPA is solely based on the identity of the Luxury Hotel. Each client…

Scent Marketing and Health

7 luglio 2016 Fragrances
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How to enjoy fragranced surroundings and scent marketing services without worrying about impacts on our health? Retailers are increasingly using scents as a way to entice customers into their stores. The fragrances that businesses diffuse through heating and air-conditioning vents…

Loro Piana Ambient Scent

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Loro Piana olfactory logo, designed by Scent Company is a tailor-made ambient scent that invokes the unexpected. It expresses the brand identity which is synonymous with style, luxury and a sophistication that is underscored by a classic, refined elegance.   Our…

Scent Company’s Nose

30 giugno 2016 Olfactory Branding
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Perfume is a symbol of timeless elegance and refinement capable of expressing personality and state of mind. WHAT IS A NOSE? Thanks to its specific knowledge, keen sensibility and “special Nose”, Scent Company transforms ideas into scents and connects with people…