Sileno Cheloni: composer, creator, artist, visionary and master perfumer of Scent Company

26 luglio 2018 Events, Olfactory Branding
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Composer, creator, master perfumer. It is to him that hundreds of ingredients are given to be used for the design of the tailored olfactory compositions. And it is always him that, like a conductor, harmonizes olfactory notes like a musical…

Olfactory Branding is the secret weapon of chained-brand hotels

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Scent Company has just completed the installation of the scent system inside the hotel Vista Palazzo, the 4th hotel of the group Lario Hotels, designed to best enjoy the Lake Como experience. The hotel chain also includes Hotel Villa Flori, Hotel Terminus…

Miss Sixty is investing in its Brand Identity with an olfactory branding project

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The trendy women’s fashion and jeans brand founded by Vichy Hassan in 1991 and acquired by the giant Chinese Trendy International Group, has started in 2017 a series of initiatives for its comeback. Step one of the operation was a…

Emirates Flight Training Academy: scenting the most luxurious suite in the sky

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Nowadays, scent marketing is a consolidated tool in the transport & travel industries. Scent Company is working with Airports and the Cruises lines. Scent Diffusion is used to mainly create a less stressing environment for travellers who are waiting in…

The Olfactory Journey of SKP Beijing and Xi’an

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In March 2017, our Scent Company’s Marketing & Communication team flew to Paris together with Master Perfumer Sileno Cheloni. They went to meet the General Manager and the creative team of SKP, Asia’s largest premier luxury department stores, China’s stateowned.…

The new Scent Identity of Philippe Model Paris

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In March 2018, we met the brand Philippe Model Paris @philippemodelparis for the first time. We contacted them and as soon as they saw our presentation, they were astonished and surprised to know the olfactory branding tool as the new frontier…

Scenting the Event Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous 2018

10 maggio 2018 Events, Scented Customers
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PRESENTATION OF THE EVENT Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous is an international exhibition in Viareggio dedicated to luxury boats. This important initiative was organized by Nautica Italiana and Fiera Milano, in collaboration with the Technological District for the Nautical and the Portualità Toscana…