“Unlike Any” – is the custom Signature Scent of your Brand

20 luglio 2017 Fragrances, Olfactory Branding
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Scent Company is able to design something that is uniquely you, a stealth-branding signature scent, to be diffused in the environment or incorporated into a new branded Scented Collection. How to find inspiration for the signature scent of your Brand? A tailored…

Scent Branding conquers luxury fashion brands for kids

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Scents have a way of evoking powerful emotional memories and vivid cases of déjà vu. And quite often these are of memories that we have completely forgotten about and are of distant times gone by. Back in our childhood, our…

The power of your custom abstract ambient scent

30 giugno 2017 Fragrances, Olfactory Branding
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Nowadays we can see the continued growth of luxury and niche ambient scents made to measure for Brands, Hotels, Retail flagships, SPAs, Fashion and Luxury Brands as more and more clients search for tailored fragrances that are not widely available.…

Scent Marketing meets Junqueira Medical Clinic Dubai

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The addition of personalized scent is not limited to luxury hotels, fashion retail flagships and spas. Scent marketing and olfactory branding field entered also in the luxury aesthetic surgery clinics and health care facilities to enhance patient experience and to…

Baglioni now using custom scents to trigger memories of special emotions

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Scent Company has been tasked to manage the olfactory branding project of five star luxury Baglioni Hotels in Milano, Roma, Venezia, Firenze, Cala del Porto and London. The luxury five star hotels chain has decided to diffuse different distinctive, unifying,…

Scent Company now scenting the Luxury Italian Shoes Brand Moreschi

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Scent Company has been recently involved in the olfactory branding project for the luxury Italian Shoes Brand Moreschi.   Since 1948, Moreschi has been producing the finest in men's luxury shoes, apparel and accessories.  From celebrities to dignitaries and world leaders - Moreschi is…

The language of a scent is invisible but it always tells us a story

28 aprile 2017 Olfactory Pyramids
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Just like a story, a scent has a beginning (top notes), a middle (heart notes) and an end (base notes). The beginning of the story of a fragrance is thanks to TOP NOTES.  They are first fragrances you can smell, the most…