What does make APROPOS The Concept Store Germany – Scented Candle unique and a work of art?

23 gennaio 2019 Luxury Retail, Scented Customers
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A perfume is not simply an olfactory substance. It is a form of art that does not focus only on smell but also on aestetics, visual, experience and in the inner journey that it conveys. What does make a fragrance…

LOVABLE SCENT IDENTITY: the olfactory expression of UNIQUENESS

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Hanes Italy, owner of the Lovable brand, is part of the Group HanesBrands Inc., the first world's player working in the basic apparel sector listed on the NYSE. HanesBrands boasts leading brands in the innerwear categories (underwear and home wear)…

Inside the invisible but influential world of Hogan in-store Scent Branding

16 gennaio 2019 Luxury Retail, Scented Customers
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Can you really have a relationship with someone you have never met? Is it possible to feel close to a person without knowing him/her in real life? Nothing can compete with the ALCHEMY of the real world!   Likewise in…

The Scent Identity of Zegna enriches Zegna flagships around the globe

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Recently we have worked with the brand Ermenegildo Zegna to capture and present its story through scent, offering its clientele a far more enriching, meaningful and human experience in store. We have also explored with the Italian brand the best…

Scent Company Olfactory Luxury lands in Tokyo

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Scent Company confirms its ability to express at best the distinctive features of “Luxury craftsmanship made in Italy “ and to position itself as a booming operator in different geographical areas, thanks to the olfactory branding project designed for The…

A bed of fruits and flowers: this is the signature scent of Flou Milano showroom

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Which is the scent identity of Flou, the Italian brand which is famous all over the world for the extremely high quality of its sleeping systems? Recently, Scent Company has dealt with the olfactory branding project for its showroom &…

The Ritual of Incense by Sileno Cheloni: a ceremony with an aura of mystery

2 ottobre 2018 Events, Sileno Cheloni
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Scent Company completes its olfactory branding projects with the olfactory events of the perfumer Sileno Cheloni. Among the olfactory events today we present the Ritual of Incense. For the master perfumer Sileno Cheloni it is a very important event, a…