Aqua Suites Signature Scent: the smell like somewhere you want to be

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SCENT: THE NEW PILLAR OF MODERN LUXURY EXPERIENCES IN A HOTEL Perfume is an indispensable element of everyday charm. It has always been loved by the general public but also by companies (hotels, spas, retail and so on) which use…

Xara Palace Hotel Scent Identity: magic from the mists of time

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For 5-Star Boutique Hotel in Malta - The Xara Palace Relais & Châteaux we have designed a scent identity that has happiness and spirituality in its DNA. This is an alluring ambient scent that takes us on a journey to…

Which is the signature scent of Monaco F1 Grand Prix and of Porsche Club of Monaco?

12 settembre 2018 Scent Marketing, Transport & Travel
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Monaco F1 Grand Prix is officially organized by the Automobile Club de Monaco @automobileclubmonaco, branding itself, inside its headquarters, with a special olfactory branding project designed exclusively  by @ScentCompany. Inside the Club, there is a very special hidden secret: a showroom and a branded space…

Discover why every entrance to a house or a business environment should welcome with an initially citrus scent

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Even the world of fragrances has its classics. There are bouquets or base notes that belong to a season or to a certain period of the year, for reasons of sensorial affinity or for functionality. This is why it exists…

Rinascimento Scent Identity: a fragrance that transports you to a bed of blooming orchids

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Scent Company has recently completed the olfactory branding project for the made-in-Italy fashion brand Rinascimento, designing a scent identity which enhances the mood of the shopping spaces and representing perfectly the brand identity. THE SCENT IDENTITY If the woman is…

Sileno Cheloni: composer, creator, artist, visionary and master perfumer of Scent Company

26 luglio 2018 Events, Olfactory Branding
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Composer, creator, master perfumer. It is to him that hundreds of ingredients are given to be used for the design of the tailored olfactory compositions. And it is always him that, like a conductor, harmonizes olfactory notes like a musical…

Olfactory Branding is the secret weapon of chained-brand hotels

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Scent Company has just completed the installation of the scent system inside the hotel Vista Palazzo, the 4th hotel of the group Lario Hotels, designed to best enjoy the Lake Como experience. The hotel chain also includes Hotel Villa Flori, Hotel Terminus…