Minotti: imagine the brand personality, distilled into a scent

15 February 2018 Scented Customers
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As part of the olfactory branding project designed for Minotti, we invite you to experience a ground-breaking new way to explore fragrance inside Minotti showroom in Meda. Here the true brand personality is revealed by the power of scent, as…

Taking part in the TOP Retail Event in Sweden

6 February 2018 Luxury Retail
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Scent Company will take part in the E-Commerce + Shop Tech fair which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from the 18th to 19th April 2018.   MEETING SCENT COMPANY Joining the fair, you will meet Scent Company’s Distributor in…

Scent and Sensuality

29 January 2018 Fragrances, Smell
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Writers throughout the ages have compared the woman of their dreams to flowers, whether budding or in full bloom. Flowers are delicate and sensitive, powerful and fragrant; they are perfect beauties of nature. They ask to be admired and cared…

The Olfactory Branding Project for Four Seasons Hotel Dubai DIFC

26 January 2018 Scented Customers
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The Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre, designed by Adam Tihany, is using its own tailored ambient scent so that guests can take a sensory reminder home. The fragrance is diffused in the hotel environment through professional and hidden scenting…

The sweet smell of home

14 January 2018 Fragrances, Smell
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Every home has an idiosyncratic odor that we inhale when we first enter it. Wherever we have been, we recognize the unique smell of home as soon as we close the door and leave the outside world behind: the smell…

The Signature Scent of truenyc and truetradition

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Which of our five senses more than any other affects our behaviour? Triggers our memories? Influences our cravings? Enhances our moods? It’s our sense of smell — the sense primarily responsible for our quality of life. You can close your…

The olfactory tale of the signature scent of Nira Montana Luxury Hotel

6 December 2017 Scented Customers
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The decoration and the atmosphere of the hotel are not a simple embellishment but are able to give a personality and comfort to the location, make the stay more enjoyable and offer well-being to guests. With the primary goal of…