Scent Marketing meets Junqueira Medical Clinic Dubai

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The addition of personalized scent is not limited to luxury hotels, fashion retail flagships and spas. Scent marketing and olfactory branding field entered also in the luxury aesthetic surgery clinics and health care facilities to enhance patient experience and to…

Baglioni now using custom scents to trigger memories of special emotions

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Scent Company has been tasked to manage the olfactory branding project of five star luxury Baglioni Hotels in Milano, Roma, Venezia, Firenze, Cala del Porto and London. The luxury five star hotels chain has decided to diffuse different distinctive, unifying,…

Scent Company now scenting the Luxury Italian Shoes Brand Moreschi

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Scent Company has been recently involved in the olfactory branding project for the 3 floors retail store, located in piazza San Babila 1/3 in Milano, of the luxury Italian Shoes Brand Moreschi.   Since 1948, Moreschi has been producing the finest in…

The language of a scent is invisible but it always tells us a story

28 April 2017 Olfactory Pyramids
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Just like a story, a scent has a beginning (top notes), a middle (heart notes) and an end (base notes). The beginning of the story of a fragrance is thanks to TOP NOTES.  They are first fragrances you can smell, the most…

Scent Company now scenting the New “Home” of Armani / Casa in Milano

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We have been busy in a very important scent diffusers installation and now we are cheers-ing to the completion of the customized ambient scenting project of Armani / Casa showroom and headquarters in Corso Venezia Milano (which are inaugurated today…

Envelope yourself within the ambience created by your truly tailored scent

28 March 2017 Olfactory Branding
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The art of perfumery has accompanied us for more than four millennia: in ancient time, perfume was used to prevent diseases and epidemics and had a metaphysical and religious meaning. Everywhere, it has always carried two primordial functions: sacred, for…

The great Value of Scent Hotel Branding

23 March 2017 Olfactory Branding
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Do you love the scent when you walk into an Hotel? So do we. Why Scent Hotel Branding is so important?   Hoteliers are using their own tailored ambient scent so that guests can take a sensory reminder home. Finally,…