Your Next Branding Tool: SCENT

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Scent as a sea of emotions Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness with pure pleasure. Scent reaches us in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination in all its sensuality, unsealing hidden worlds. A…

Celebrate Perfume as an Artistic Excellence

13 aprile 2018 Fragrances
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For Italians, beauty has a value that goes far beyond just the aesthetic sense.  It is an indissoluble part of their identity. It is history, culture and territory, but also scientific research and cutting-edge technology, product quality and design creativity.…

The NEW Gucci Fragrant Frontier: Gucci Dubai Mall

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SCENT BRANDING FOR GUCCI LUXURY RETAIL STORES Scent branding is a particularly new way to brand fashion retail stores and luxury innovative and creative realities like Gucci. The Signature Scent, custom-designed to the brand, is used to evoke a creative…

Park Hyatt Milano: Authenticity and Olfactory Experiences

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Interior Designers & hotel decorators are making new products for hotels that appeal to our heightened interest in tactile and sensorial stimuli. They want to provide solutions to problems but increase the sense of wellbeing. Hotels are integrating innovative technologies…

Scent Company at Horeca Expo 2018 in Athens

26 febbraio 2018 Events, Scented Customers
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Scent company was presented at the stand of the leading Greek fabric company Kallergis Interiors which participated at the HORECA Expo Fair in collaboration with our local distributor and partner Econtract. The HORECA exhibition took place in Athens, Greece from…

Making the Scent of your Next Event!

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Scenting is emerging as the latest essential element of event branding. It is the “invisible” investment your event just might need.   SMELL: THE SENSE OF IMAGINATION As potent as it can be, smell is often the most neglected of…

Minotti: imagine the brand personality, distilled into a scent

15 febbraio 2018 Scented Customers
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As part of the olfactory branding project designed for Minotti, we invite you to experience a ground-breaking new way to explore fragrance inside Minotti showroom in Meda. Here the true brand personality is revealed by the power of scent, as…