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Why to Brand yourself with a SCENT?

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The use of perfum takes us back in time and it has always been used differently and for…

What is a Perfume? It is (good) Music

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The link between music and perfume is intimate. Perfumes are olfactory melodies that, like music, reach the deepest…

Celebrate Perfume as an Artistic Excellence

13 April 2018 Fragrances
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For Italians, beauty has a value that goes far beyond just the aesthetic sense.  It is an indissoluble…

Scent and Sensuality

29 January 2018 Fragrances, Smell
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Writers throughout the ages have compared the woman of their dreams to flowers, whether budding or in full…

The sweet smell of home

14 January 2018 Fragrances, Smell
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Every home has an idiosyncratic odor that we inhale when we first enter it. Wherever we have been,…