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Olfactory Branding is the secret weapon of chained-brand hotels

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Scent Company has just completed the installation of the scent system inside the hotel Vista Palazzo, the 4th hotel…

Park Hyatt Milano: Authenticity and Olfactory Experiences

27 febrero 2018 Scenting Hotels
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Interior Designers & hotel decorators are making new products for hotels that appeal to our heightened interest in…

The olfactory tale of the signature scent of Nira Montana Luxury Hotel

6 diciembre 2017 Scenting Hotels
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The decoration and the atmosphere of the hotel are not a simple embellishment but are able to give…

Immerse yourself in Grand Hotel Tremezzo Fragrance

4 octubre 2017 Scenting Hotels
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  This is our invitation to delve into the world of the new ambient fragrance designed exclusively for…