·      Is there something about your brand that leaves a sensory impression in people’s minds?

·      Do people remember a certain sensory aspect of your brand or brand experience that helps them recall the brand and remember it fondly?

Sensory marketing is marketing that engages the clients’ senses and affects their behaviors.

In particular, the sense of smell has powerful and direct connections with our emotions, more so than any other sensory experience.

All sensory aspects of products and brand experiences i.e., the touch, taste, smell, sound, and look of the brand, affect our emotions, memories, perceptions, preferences, choices, and consumption of the brand’s products and services.

Creating new sensations or merely emphasizing or bringing attention to existing sensations can increase a product’s or service’s appeal.

Sensory marketing has become a synthesis of what contemporary society demands from a firm and what a firm can do to create sensory experiences with the help of the five human senses.

It is all about offering sensations as expressions for the brand soul, which gives opportunities to reach the individual’s mind and heart in providing the supreme sensory experience.

Scent Company is proud «to be the voice» for the olfactory part of sensory marketing, creating olfactory branding projects tailored to the clients.

“We firmly believe our sense of smell keeps us alive and affect us with a rich emotional life.

We need to return to feeling the textures of life”

The experience of the Hotel Firefly, Zermatt Switzerland

Scent Company has interviewed the General Manager of the Hotel Firefly, who has described his first experience with a customized olfactory branding project and the main purpose of the signature scent created for the structure.


«It was our wish to underline the Firefly hotel experience with a subtle yet always present note. It was important to us to create a kind of recognition effect for our guests. Whether in the lobby, the ski room, the corridors and suites or in the spa – everywhere the scent should be registered and allow identification with the Firefly. Ourselves as well are very pleased to notice that the intensity of the fragrance and the nuances of the perfume , that have a slightly different effect in each area of the hotel. When walking by the hotel, the fragrance is registered via the exhaust air of the wellness facility and this gives the fragrance experience a dynamic that surprises again and again and is never intrusive – we find that particularly exciting! And we are sure – whether consciously or unconsciously – that’s what our guests think »


The Scent Identity

The scent identity has been tailored to the brand and is tied unequivocally to the Hotel Firefly experience.

The ambient fragrance is an explosions of colors, with the purple of violets, the white of jasmine and the green of tea, the light brown of the cedar wood and the pink of the rose; finally the milky white musk and the warmth of amber.

The hues lay delicately over each other, then melt together to achieve harmony and olfactory fulfilment.

This is a floral and musky texture that offers the same freshness and quiet tranquility of the beautiful landscape of Zermatt on the Swiss Alps.