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A bed of fruits and flowers: this is the signature scent of Flou Milano showroom

5 octubre 2018 Olfactory Branding
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Which is the scent identity of Flou, the Italian brand which is famous all over the world for…

The Ritual of Incense by Sileno Cheloni: a ceremony with an aura of mystery

2 octubre 2018 Events, Sileno Cheloni
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Scent Company completes its olfactory branding projects with the olfactory events of the perfumer Sileno Cheloni. Among the…

Aqua Suites Signature Scent: the smell like somewhere you want to be

27 septiembre 2018 Olfactory Branding, Scenting Hotels
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SCENT: THE NEW PILLAR OF MODERN LUXURY EXPERIENCES IN A HOTEL Perfume is an indispensable element of everyday…