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Our olfactory experiences in New York

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Scent Company in ‪‎New York with scents brands for ISAIA and Roberto Cavalli Scent company has recently launched its olfactory…

Scent Company and Migone 1866

9 agosto 2016 Scented Customers
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Scent Company is the official sponsor of the event of Migone 1866, organized in Florence to celebrate the…

A distinctive scent for Aleph Hotel

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The creation of a distinctive scent for the Luxury Suites & 5-Star Aleph Hotel Rome Designing hotel brand fragrances…

Scent Marketing Systems

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Scent Marketing Systems: something special is in the Air   After an olfactory logo is designed by Scent…

CastaDiva Resort & SPA Scented Décor

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Presentation of the NEW CastaDiva Resort & SPA Scented Décor and Eau de Parfum, by Scent Company   The scent…

Loro Piana Ambient Scent

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Loro Piana olfactory logo, designed by Scent Company is a tailor-made ambient scent that invokes the unexpected. It expresses…