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A new Olfactory Branding Project: our Welcome to Bougeotte

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Scent Company is proud to have started with the Maison Bougeotte a brand new luxury olfactory branding project,…

A Luxury Interior Signature Scent for Hotel Montecatini Palace

18 October 2016 Scented Customers
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A tailor-made signature scent is designed to narrate the essence of a place. It is able to interpret…

A special Ambient Scent for the “Poets’ corner in central Rome”

10 October 2016 Scented Customers
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Scent Company is honoured to scent the 5 Star Hotel d’Inghilterra – Collezione Starhotels, an aristocratic residence of…

Forte Village Scented Décor, by Scent Company

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Forte Village Fragrance and scented décor evoke the energy and the multisensorial experience of one of the World’s…

QC Terme Spas and Resorts Scented Décor

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Presentation of QC Terme Rattan Sticks Diffusers and Home Fragrances. A tailored Scented Décor Collection, especially created by…

Olfactory Branding meets the 16th century Palazzo Venart

15 September 2016 Scented Customers
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Our passion for luxury defines our creative process and the products we make, and we are obliged and deeply…