Scent Company in ‪Paris‬ with scents brands for ‪‎Loro Piana‬, ‪Gucci‬‪, ‎Prada‬‪, Phlipp Plein‬ and ‪Dsquared2‬.


Scent Company has recently launched its olfactory business in Paris; it has been commissioned to some of the most important fashion luxury brands, such as Loro Piana, Gucci, Prada, Philipp Plein and Dsquared2, to create indelible ‪‎olfactory experiences‬ inside their retail stores.

In particular, we have recently completed the scent systems installations inside the new reopened, with over 4 floors, Loro Piana store in the luxury-shopping hub Avenue Montaigne.




We are proud to permeate the ‪‎French ‬market by sharing our “scent savoir faire”, exclusivity and luxurious appeal.

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