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OzoneNot only is it a duty for luxury Hotels and Retail Stores to guarantee safety and hygiene, but also an indisputable moral obligation. By using Ozone, a safe system free of any side-effects, it is possible to guarantee the safety and hygiene of both guests and personnel.

Ozone is a colorless gas with a pungent odor, just like the typical smell that lingers in the air after a thunderstorm. The symbol of Ozone is O3, because it is made up of three oxygen atoms. It is an unstable gas that cannot be stored and must be produced at the time of use.

In the stratosphere it performs a function that is highly beneficial for life, by providing a screen against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful for living cells.

The power of Ozone to sanitize air, water and surfaces is due to its ability to break down the cell membranes underlying the vital integrity of bacterial cells, fungi, microbes, viruses, pathogenic agents, salmonella, dust mites, shield bugs, insects, fleas, ticks and lice and then it completely breaks down into oxygen within 30-60 minutes from use.

Ozone Activity

Bacteria, fungi and moldsBeing a highly unstable molecule, Ozone has a high oxidizing power ant it is able to break down non-biodegradable complex organic compounds. As it completely breaks down into oxygen, it does not require any elimination treatment.

  • It SANITIZES closed environments
  • It REMOVES odors
  • It ELIMINATES bacteria, fungi and molds
  • It INACTIVATES viruses
  • It REPELS insects
  • It BREAKS DOWN organic matter
  • It PRECIPITATES metals, calcium, magnesium and arsenic
  • It DISINFECTS clothes and footwear



Bio3gen is an Ozone-emitting appliance that can be employed in a number of environments, such as hotels, commercial enterprises and offices. It can be programmed manually or by remote control and it can also be fixed to the wall.

Ozone-emitting Bio3gen


Size: 29 cm. x 29 cm. x 7 cm.
Weight: KG 1,5
Ozone Output: 400 mg/h
Coverage Area in Closed Environment: up to 300 m³.
Power: AC220V±10% / 50Hz
Power during Use: 15W/18W
Gas/Min: 3-3,6 L/minute
Max Time: 2 hours



Bio3gen Professional can be employed in medical environments as well as in food companies and in all environments with access to the public. Practical, silent, and available in 2 versions: either to be fixed to the wall or mobile.


Size: 20 cm. x 31 cm. x 15 cm.
Weight: KG 4
Stainless steel supporting structure
Ozone Output: 2 ppm/m3
Treated air flow: 120 m3 /h.
Supply 230Vca50-60Hz
Electrical absorption in St.By. 1W
Operating electrical absorption 250W