Some of the most important Retail and Fashion Brands, such as Gucci, rely on Scent Company for the personalized ambient scenting solutions in their flagship stores worldwide.

Thanks to its international network, Scent Company provides its customers with its highly experienced service for personalized scenting installations in each and every Country of the World.

Recently, Scent Company has worked inside the Gucci LANDMARK store, which is the flagship store in Hong Kong. The luxury-shopping district is in the heart of the city and includes a sales space of 1,001 square meters (10,781 square feet) on two floors. With 10 Gucci stores/stores-in-stores in Hong Kong (home to 7 million people), the density of stores per capital is already higher than in London or Tokyo.

“Also in China, Gucci spreads its world-renowned impeccable Italian craftsmanship and its unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority, as well its iconic style synonymous with sophistication and refinedness”.

Scent Company is a fast-moving Italian Company specialized in the creation of olfactory architectures. Scent Company currently collaborates with some of the World’s most prestigious brands, such as Gucci.

Scent Company creates a synthesis of art and craft, Italian tradition and innovation in order to meet the increasingly sophisticated customers’ needs, who recognise innovation and quality, and are always on the lookout for originality.

Scent Company’s Unique and personalized scents have the power of transporting us through place and time, thus creating the right olfactory environment.

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