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Dior branding its flagships with a Signature Scent

4 novembre 2017 Luxury Retail, Scented Customers
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Ambient scenting is an ancient art that promotes conviviality, revitalizes, enhances, and affects our mood. A true mood…

Immerse yourself in Grand Hotel Tremezzo Fragrance

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  This is our invitation to delve into the world of the new ambient fragrance designed exclusively for…

Armani Casa Signature Scent : a smell of gold clouds and precious woods

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We continue our travels around the world thanks and through new olfactory branding projects. One of our last…

What is your favourite fragrance? One of our favourites is Mint

27 luglio 2017 Fragrances
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What about Mint and Room Fragracing Mint has been closely entwined with the idea of hospitality—the art of…

“Unlike Any” – is the custom Signature Scent of your Brand

20 luglio 2017 Fragrances, Olfactory Branding
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Scent Company is able to design something that is uniquely you, a stealth-branding signature scent, to be diffused in the…

Envelope yourself within the ambience created by your truly tailored scent

28 marzo 2017 Olfactory Pyramids
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The art of perfumery has accompanied us for more than four millennia: in ancient time, perfume was used…

Le Parfum Villa d’Este: your gateway to an olfactory enchantment

23 novembre 2016 Scented Customers, Scented Décor
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  The grand revolving doors of the Villa d’Este Luxury Hotel on Lake Como are your gateway to…

Scent Marketing and Health

7 luglio 2016 Fragrances
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How to enjoy fragranced surroundings and scent marketing services without worrying about impacts on our health? Retailers are…