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The olfactory tale of the signature scent of Nira Montana Luxury Hotel

6 December 2017 Scented Customers
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The decoration and the atmosphere of the hotel are not a simple embellishment but are able to give…

We all love the ambient scents of Christmas

1 December 2017 Scent at Christmas
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Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across a thousand miles, all the years we have lived…

Dior branding its flagships with a Signature Scent

4 November 2017 Luxury Retail, Scented Customers
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Ambient scenting is an ancient art that promotes conviviality, revitalizes, enhances, and affects our mood. A true mood…

What is your favourite fragrance? Mint is one of our favourites

27 July 2017 Ambient Fragrances
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What about Mint and Room Fragracing Mint has been closely entwined with the idea of hospitality—the art of…

Baglioni now using custom scents to trigger memories of special emotions

30 May 2017 Scented Customers
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Scent Company has been tasked to manage the olfactory branding project of five star luxury Baglioni Hotels in…

The great Value of Scent Hotel Branding

23 March 2017 Olfactory Branding
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Do you love the scent when you walk into an Hotel? So do we. Why Scent Hotel Branding…

Scent Branding and the Aromatic Symphony of 5 Star Hotel de Russie

14 December 2016 Scented Customers, Scented Décor
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5 Star Hotel de Russie in Roma has turned its attention to the final sensory frontier – scent…

A Luxury Interior Signature Scent for Hotel Montecatini Palace

18 October 2016 Scented Customers
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A tailor-made signature scent is designed to narrate the essence of a place. It is able to interpret…

A special Ambient Scent for the “Poets’ corner in central Rome”

10 October 2016 Scented Customers
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Scent Company is honoured to scent the 5 Star Hotel d’Inghilterra – Collezione Starhotels, an aristocratic residence of…

Scent Marketing Systems

11 July 2016 Scent Systems
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Scent Marketing Systems: something special is in the Air   After an olfactory logo is designed by Scent…