Just like a story, a scent has a beginning (top notes), a middle (heart notes) and an end (base notes).

  • The beginning of the story of a fragrance is thanks to TOP NOTES.  They are first fragrances you can smell, the most seductive and irresistible for you. When you fall in love with a perfume, they represent the main reason. It is the first olfactory sensation perceived when opening the bottle, or when spraying on the environment. The one that is supposed to provoke a heart blow.
  • The story continues with HEART NOTES. The are the components which reveal themselves few seconds later and which translate the main theme of the fragrance.
  • The story ends with BASE NOTES. They are the notes with a long lasting. They are the key elements for customer fidelity and they stay after evaporation, even several hours or days later.


A scent composition is a succession of complementary raw materials. The Master Perfumer realizes its composition thanks to his instruments, technical expertise and artistic sensibility but he must take into consideration the degree of volatility and persistence of raw materials, which is described in three theoretical olfactory floors: the so-called “olfactory pyramids”.

You should know that a fragrance is built as a pyramidthere are notes, like in a song, and they are put in order to create a fabulous music. In every perfume, there are three kind of notes: the top notes, the heart notes and the base notes. They are in chronological order, and you can smell them in three different times.

Finally there are various fragrance families which cover the variety of emotions or sensations that can be powerfully evoked by a fragrance. Choosing ingredients based on emotional positioning may help connect the brand and the person closely with the deepest level of consumer experience.

Knowing the components of a perfume is certainly very attractive but the long list of elements does not allow to understand the true emotional message of a fragrance. Classifying and recognizing a scent by its dominant character is one of the key element that allows you to define the creativity and interpret the emotional story behind a fragrance. Although your sense of smell is emotional, the fragrances you most enjoy will probably belong to just one or two fragrance families as follows.

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