Scent as a sea of emotions

Fragrance has the instantaneous and invisible power to penetrate consciousness with pure pleasure.

Scent reaches us in ways that elude sight and sound but conjure imagination in all its sensuality, unsealing hidden worlds. A whiff of a once-familiar odor, and memories surge into consciousness on a sea of emotion.

Potent as it can be, however, smell is the most neglected of our senses.

We search for visual beauty in art and in nature,  and take care to arrange our homes and business places in a way that pleases the eye. We seek out new music and musicians and we explore new cuisines and the tactile worlds. Yet most of us take our sense of smell for granted, leaving it to its own devices in a monotonous and oversaturated olfactory environment. We never think about its cultivation or enrichment, even though some of life’s most exquisite pleasures consequently elude us.

Scent Company plays and works with “the sense of smell” to support brands and companies in their communication and branding strategies, to discover that no other sense has a so strong power of imagination and suggestion and of calling up ancient memories with a wider and deeper emotional reverberation.

We design dreams and give new life to special emotions, to those living inside us as olfactory reminiscences.

Not so different from a painting or work of music, an artistic fragrance is a composition, able to speak directly to the heart of clients, without words.

Branding yourself with a Scent

If you work in the communication, branding, marketing and interiors fields, if you deal with art and advertising, you might be noticed that “sense experience” are the NEW words. We are going to be engaged not only emotionally and on the level of actions but also stimulating our senses.


Scenting has become an increasingly effective branding tool with the power to reach the hearts of clients.


When clients shop in their favourite stores or stay in hotel or relax in the SPA, look for extraordinary experiences to forget about the everyday life and try out something new. Scents make such moments special and offer your guests or clients something unforgettable.

Olfactory Branding for Retail Brands

Scent branding is a particularly new way to brand fashion retail stores and luxury innovative and creative realities.

Nowadays the in-store retail experience is crucial as more and more customers move to online shopping platforms. When they do visit the physical stores, the brand experience needs to be a memorable one!

The physical stores, from boutiques to department stores, from multi-brand stores to outlets, have been revolutionized by the internet, a place for definition out of time and space.

So why keeping on investing in physical stores if the internet is taking up all the space?

Because we are human beings and the strongest and most authentic emotions are still felt in the physical universe, not in the virtual one. In addition, physical stores will remain a point of reference and a guarantee for consumers against fakes, which are mainly bought on the internet.

The quintessence of luxury seems to be combining the brand’s image, a custom signature scent diffused in the store and other in-store multi-sensory experiences.

The message, more or less, sounds like this: if you can make customers spend more pleasant time in the store space, they are likely to spend more and identify themselves in a world that they adore and which reflects their style. A guarantee of sweetness and strong emotions.

Olfactory Branding for Hospitality

Interior Designers & hotel decorators are making new products for hotels that appeal to our heightened interest in tactile and sensorial stimuli. They want to provide solutions to problems but increase the sense of wellbeing. Hotels are integrating innovative technologies for services.

But authenticity and multisensory environments play a key role for the future of hospitality.

Weather for business or for pleasure, lifestyle travellers seek places where architecture, design and ambience reflect wellbeing, speak about emotions and offer an authentic experience.

Scent really changes the experience in hotel, enhances all other interior design elements and creates a strong brand identity. A tailored scent allows the brand to express or communicate itself through another medium to complete the branding message immediately the moment guests arrive in the hotel lobby.

Guests start their journey enveloped by an invisible charming hug, accompanying them through the rest of the building, the reception, the private room, the SPA, the fitness room and so on. If guests smell the custom scent outside of the hotel, they immediately recognize the fragrance, the hotel, and most importantly how they feel about their experience with the property.

Scent Company: we design your olfactory scenography

Scent Company offers unique tailored and artistic olfactory branding services on the market, inspired by the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of Italian haute perfumery and addressed to companies, global brands, organisations, institutions and individuals.

We advise you on how to create a full sensory imprint for places, products and brands.

We help you to choose the best olfactory scenery to boost the ambience of an hotel, SPA and wellness centre, retail store, exhibition, artistic event, show, concert and cultural event and all the other places where your clients’ comfort and emotions are essential for the experience of the brand, the place and the service.

If you dream of discovering the world of fragrances and complete your image and branding experience through smell– Scent Company is perfect for you.

To learn more about how Scent Company can help distinguish your brand from others, please contact us by clicking here